Works with any business vertical

Designed for each customer journey

With Ocular you improve the customer assistance experience, either on inbound or outbound actions. Humanize the customer contact points within your digital channels through efective video calls.

Checkout and payment process

Sales and advisory assistance

Registering processes assistance

Customized assistance and attention

Unique tools

Customizable forms

Capture the information you need from your clients in a custom way, save it and administrate it in your panel.

Create departments

Create assistance categories, areas, product types or whatever makes more sense for your companies processes.

Customer Service Agents

Create agent categories  according to each specialty, transfer calls internally without loosing connection with the client and measure everything that happens inside the calls.

Additional Features

Corporate level

If you need to scale, Ocular is so customizable we have clients that scaled to more than 150 agents in every product and client journey, each one with different  requirements and norms.

CRM Integration

We integrate with any CRM like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, among others, so that your attendance may be fluid and integrated with your processes.

Statistics Panel

Combine recordings and reviews from clients with statistics of all that occurs inside the calls, so you can learn and improve with each video call that your company makes.

Availability in devices

We have broadened the limits of mobile video calls. Different to other solutions, with Ocular you can take advantage of all the features in your mobile device without downloading an app.

Booking and calendars

Schedule video calls, allow you clients to schedule a meeting or start an instant video call in your site. We offer advanced features like configuring types of meetings, availability management, sales track and agent re assignment.

Secure video calls

Organize secure video calls with 1 click, on your own site, marketplace or app, with your logo and colors. Ocular works on computer and mobile without downloads. With value propositions like screen sharing, file sharing, and call recording.

Without downloads or installing anything, compatible with every navigator in their desktop and mobile version.

we take care that on one need to download anything, neither the users, nor the agents or business administrators.

Administrator platform

Check in real time all that occurs inside the platform. Received, lost and answered calls and contact solicitations. Measure your customer's NPS satisfaction and evaluate your agents performance, all in one place.

Platform for agents

Simple and intuitive vídeo attendance platform. The agent simply logs in and may start answering the calls.

Total integration

¡We integrate with everything!
CRM, chatbot, WhatsApp or e-commerce, Ocular is designed to collab an be part of your work processes.