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Use vídeo calls for any of your customer's contact point within the digitals channels of your company.

Configure video calls that integrate with work flows and customer journeys, with high security standards. Ocular is configured 100% customized.

Humanize contact with your clients with the personality and colors of your company

Why are we the best option for you?

With Ocular, your clients get to book a meeting through video at the date and time that best fits their agenda or they can generate an instant video call from any customer support platform, in a fast, secure and corporate level way, with metrics and reports in real time that allow you to measure and take well informed decisions.

Trust in your digital environments more often

Video calls allow you to give peace of mind during the digital surfing.

Your time doesn't have value in the future

Giving back time to the people becomes something that makes daily chores lighter.

We assure the flow will improve

Video calls are positioning themselves as the best evaluated support channel

Where support transforms into the best experience

With Ocular, you can provide support through video from any contact point within the digital channels of the company.

Give a next level customer support experience with video calls inside your digital environments.

Una solución para cada caso de uso

Agrega vendedores consultivos a través de vídeo en tu sitio web o e-commerce, fideliza a tus clientes usando SAC mediante vídeo llamadas o genera links de vídeo llamadas automáticas para atender a tus clientes desde cualquier plataforma digital.

Con Ocular, la experiencia de tus clientes mejora y se humaniza, mejorando tus evaluaciones NPS en promedio un 80%.

A solution for each customer journey.

Design assistance models through video calls that adapt to every contact point with clients within your digital environments.

With Ocular, you can sell, post sale or transform automated self services in more human processes using our link generator tool for automated video assistance.

Besides that, our API integrates to any platform or software you use.