it works?

At Ocular we have a solution for each use case and customer journey. Just connect our widget and you're ready. You don't need to download or install anything.

Advisory and sales

Offer your customers one on one advise in sales with an expert professional to help them choose the right product.

With buying integrations to close sales during the sales attention.

Digital inspections

Offer a new service thanks to video calls. Existing customers can carry out inspections in case of loss and others, remotely and free of charge. During a live video call on a mobile device, a consultant gives instructions and can see live what the client is seeing.


Offer the onboarding of your products and services through vídeo calls. The clients can book their remote onboarding for free. During a live video call in a mobile device, an agent gives personal advise on how to use or validate a product or service and good usage practices.

Physical kiosk

Offer a customized service in the self service kiosks. If the clients need live assistance, they can request an instant vídeo call with an agent from the call center directly from the kiosk.

Where assistance is transformed into de best experience

Improve your client's and agent's customer assistance experience, through quality video calls.

A solution for each customer journey

Design assistance models through video calls that adapt to every contact point with clients within your digital environments.

With Ocular, you can sell, post sale or transform automated self services in more human processes using our link generator tool for automated video assistance.

Besides that, our API integrates to any platform or software you use.

Fast, easy and human connection

With Ocular the customer's experience improves widely.

Give video assistance at the right moment, in a fast matter and at any moment of the customers journey with only a few clicks.